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1. M. Feng, X. F. Guo, X. Lin, X. B. He, W. Ji, S. X. Du, D. Q. Zhang, D. B. Zhu, and H. -J. Gao
"Stable, reproducible nanorecording on rotaxane thin films"
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127, 44, 15338-15339 (2005).1

2.G. Y. Jiang, T. Michinobu, W. F. Yuan, M. Teng, Y. Q. Wen, S. X. Du, H. -J. Gao, L. Jiang, Y. L. Song, F. Diederich, and D. B. Zhu
"Crystalline thin film of a donor-substituted cyanoethynylethene for nanoscale data recording through intermolecular charge-transfer interactions"
Advanced Materials 17, 18, 2170-2173 (2005).1

3.G. Y. Jiang, Y. L. Song, Y. Q. Wen, W. F. Yuan, H. M. Wu, Z. Yang, A. D. Xia, M. Feng, S. X. Du, H. -J. Gao, L. Jiang, and D. B. Zhu
"High-density data recording in an optoelectrical dual-responsive thin film"
Chem. Phys. Chem. 6, 8, 1478-1482 (2005).1